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Converts Phone Cable to Mini-plug



The MOD-SC  is used to when you have a cable with a standard RJ-11 single-line telephone type plug that you need to connect to equipment with a 3.5mm mini-plug jack. It has an RJ-11 jack on one end and a 3.5mm monaural mini-plug on the other end. The center two contacts, commonly called the tip and ring or red and green connections, are connected to the mini-plug.

The MOD-SC adapter is used to connect cables provided with Omnicron digital recorders such as our Total Recall, TeleCorder, UpCorder, or Call Recorder to the audio output of a two-way radio receiver.



The MOD-SC is only sold for its intended purpose (see above). It is not sold for use in other applications and does not convert un-balanced audio sources to balanced audio suitable for connecting to modular telephone connections. The modular jack is the size of a standard phone line wall jack, NOT the smaller size telephone handset or headset jack. The diameter of the round audio plug is 3.5mm, not the 2.5mm diameter of cellular headsets and is two conductor, not 3 conductor as used with some headsets.


Contact your Omnicron representative for assistance in the selection of the products that are best suited to your application.


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