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Telephone Supervisory Adapter



The TSA-3LM is used to provide a simple method of connecting supervisory monitoring equipment to the handset circuit of a telephone. It is usable on most telephone styles that have a standard modular handset or headset jack.



The TSA-3LM is supplied with cables and connectors which have been wired for use with Total Recall recorders from Omnicron. It can be customized to meet unusual requirements. Consult your place of purchase if cables are required with non-standard lengths, connections, or circuitry. On the back of this instruction sheet is a drawing that shows a typical installation.


If your recorder is more than twenty-five feet from your phone, extension cables, such as the T25-EXT, are available. The cable between the TSA-3LM and your recorder may also be extended in other ways. Only the center two wires in the output cable (red & green) are used to feed telephone audio to your recorder.


1. Unplug the handset cord from your telephone set and plug it into one of the two jacks on the TSA-3LM adapter.


2. Using the short cable which was supplied with the TSA-3LM, plug one end of the cable into the handset jack on your phone and the other end of the cable into the remaining jack on the TSA-3LM. Your telephone should now function normally as you have simply connected a short extension into the handset cord.


3. The TSA-3LM can now be connected to your supervisory equipment (voice logging recorder, monitor amplifier, etc.). Normally the center two wires on the handset jack are the earpiece circuit. The TSA-3LM has a twenty-five foot cable which connects to this circuit. It can be used to feed audio to the LINE or AUXILIARY (AUX) input of your recorder so that both sides of all conversations on the handset can be monitored. If your telephone does not use standard connections, the plug may have to be re-wired so that the recorder is connected to the correct wires.


If your monitoring equipment interferes with the operation of your phone in any way, or if your monitoring equipment is not designed to be connected to your telephone in this manner, a different means of interconnection may be required.


4. Locate a convenient spot on your phone to mount the TSA-3LM. Insure that there is enough slack in the cables so that they can be easily un-plugged, if required, and that it will not interfere with the operation of the phone. Use the double stick foam tape and cable ties that are included with each TSA-3LM to attach it to your phone and secure the cables.



If the recorder fails to record properly, recheck all connections and test your recorder to see that it is operating properly. Make sure that the microphone is only active when off-hook, otherwise you could record room sounds between conversations (set phone jumpers, or program it for switched transmit audio). Assistance is available from your place of purchase, or directly from Omnicron Electronics at the phone numbers listed below and via this web site listed below.



Federal law 90-351 title 18, section 2511, sub section 2D, requires that at least one participant in a recorded conversation be informed of the recording. Check your state and local regulations for further guidelines.


Contact your Omnicron representative for assistance in the selection of the products that are best suited to your application.


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