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Feeds Recorded Audio into Phone Handset



The TSA-3PB is used to provide a simple and inexpensive method of coupling audio from an external source into your desk telephone. It can be used with most telephone styles that have a standard modular handset or headset jack. Connecting between your phone and the audio output of your computer sound card, audio recorder, radio, etc., it features: isolated and adjustable audio output; RF Bypass; and a three position function switch.



The TSA-3PB is supplied with cables and connectors that have been wired to meet most applications. It can be customized to meet unusual requirements. Consult your place of purchase if cables are required with non-standard lengths or connections. On the back of this sheet is a descriptive drawing.


1. Unplug the handset cord from your telephone set and plug it into the jack on the TSA-3PB adapter.


2. Plug the short TSA-3PB cable into the handset jack on your phone. Your telephone should now function normally as you have simply connected a short extension into the handset cord.


3. The long TSA-3PB cable can now be connected to your audio source (AUX-Output, Headphone, or Speaker Jack of your cassette recorder, Computer Sound Card, AM/FM Radio, etc). The TSA-3PB couples the audio through an isolation transformer and adjustable attenuation circuitry. It feeds it into your telephone handset’s microphone circuitry (as long as the TSA-3PB’s switch isn’t in its center OFF position). If your telephone does not use standard connections, the unit may have to be re-wired so that the recorder is connected to the correct wires.


4. Set your audio source to a normal listening level. The TSA-3PB has a small screwdriver adjustment for the audio output level. Normally this control is set near its mid-range position. If your audio source is weak, adjust the control clockwise with a flat blade screwdriver. If the audio level is too loud, turn the control down (counter-clockwise). Set your source and the TSA-3PB controls for optimum sound.


5. The TSA-3PB has a three position toggle switch that controls its operation. With the switch in its center OFF position, no audio will be fed to your phone. When switched toward the wires, it will feed audio into your phone and the microphone in the telephone handset will be disabled. When the switch is switched away from the wires, it feeds audio from your source into the phone and the handset microphone is functional.


6. Locate a convenient spot on your phone to mount the TSA-3PB. Insure that there is enough slack in the cables so that they can be easily unplugged, if required, and that it will not interfere with the operation of the phone. Use the double stick foam tape and cable ties which are included with each TSA-3PB.


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