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Telephone Supervisory Adapter with ON/OFF Switch & 25' Output Cable



The TSA-SLM is used to provide a simple and inexpensive method of connecting supervisory monitoring equipment to the handset circuit of a telephone. It is usable on most telephone styles that have a standard modular handset or headset jack. There is a rocker switch on the TSA-SLM which allows you to turn off the adapter's audio output if you do not wish your telephone conversation to be monitored or recorded.


When used with a voice activated logging recorder, such as Total Recall, the recorder will monitor and record your phone conversations when the "AUTO-RECORD" switch on the TSA-SLM is in the "ON" position. Due to the lack of audio, your recorder will stop recording a few seconds after you hang up. If you place this switch in the "OFF" position, the TSA-SLM disconnects the handset audio from your recorder so that it will not be able to record your conversation.



1. Unplug the handset cord from your telephone set and plug it into the jack on the TSA-SLM adapter.


2. Plug the short cable which comes out of the TSA-SLM into the hand-set jack on your telephone. Your telephone should now function normally as you have simply connected a short extension into the handset cord.


3. The TSA-SLM can now be connected to your supervisory equipment (RJ-11 jack on the back of Total Recall voice logging recorder, isolated monitor amplifier, etc.). The TSA-SLM is supplied with a twenty-five foot output cable that is wired to monitor the handset audio whenever the switch is in the "ON" position. It can be used to feed audio to the LINE or AUXILIARY (AUX) input on your recorder so that both sides of all conversations on the handset can be monitored. The output cable can be extended as required with extension cables such as the T25-EXT.


When the switch on the TSA-SLM is in the "OFF" position the output cable is disconnected from the handset audio and terminated to prevent noise from being fed to the recorder. The switch should not have any effect on the operation of your telephone.


4. Locate a convenient spot on or near your telephone to mount the TSA-SLM. Insure that there is enough slack in the cables so that they can be easily un-plugged, if required, and that it will not interfere with the operation of the phone. A piece of double stick foam tape on the back of the TSA-SLM can be used to mount it. The cable ties which are supplied with each TSA-SLM should be used to secure the cables.


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