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Omnicron Electronics

Professional Voice Logging Recorders and Accessories

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The recorders and accessories are designed to meet most voice recording applications. All recorded conversations may be immediately reviewed, and are stored for future reference. Alarms prevent operator error. Time, Date and other recorded data provide you with all the facts about every recording.

Total Recall recorders


LinX NEOS Desktop Recorder

  •  4-24 Channels Analog

  • 10-30 Channels VoIP

  • Analog and VoIP mixed 


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LinX ALTUS  Rack-mount Recorder

  • 4-72 Channels Analog

  • 10-30 Channels VoIP

  • Analog and VoIP mixed

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LinX OMNIA Rack-mount Recorder

  • 60 analogue recording channels 

  • 60 IP recording channels

  • 60 ISDN recording channels

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    Total Recall  Neos desktop recorders provide secure voice logging for up to 24 phone lines, phone instruments, two-way radios, and/or 30 VoIP sources of conversations. The TRVR rack mount Omnia can have up to 60 analog channels and 60 VoIP/ISDN. The TRVR Altus can be configured to record up to 72 active analog plus 30 VoIP channels. You can mix T1, E1, PRI, or ISDN inputs.

    All have built-in color display and hard drive for access to the most recent 600,000 conversation hours (Neos & Altus) or 700,000 conversation hours (Omni), built-in CD/DVD recorder to archive 180 hours on a CD or 1,000 hours on a DVD, LAN and USB archiving, plus simple navigation keys. They also provide LAN/WAN and dial-up access to recordings, live monitoring, etc.

    Total Recall Linix units are designed with security of calls as high priority with encryption, Admin level security, as well as User level permission control. This allows the user access to what is necessary, yet protects GUI/Unit settings from being tampered with or being changed accidentally. Calls are stored on an internal HDD for safety with RAID option available for redundancy, as well as many backup options including Network Share Archiving. Also available is a Dual Hot Swap PSU to assure the unit is up and running when an event occurs. TRVR has many channel configurations to fit any application. Included with the unit is 3 software licenses and many SW apps to fit your needs. The most popular SW is the "Desktop" version that includes many apps. This allows you to administer the unit remotely, play calls, save calls, admin. with configuration controls etc.. TRVR units also offer a 2 year WARRANTY, upgradeable to 5 years.

Do not hesitate to call with any questions, or for any configuration help with your application. 

TeleCorder recorders

TeleCorder recorders


TCwL-2F / 4F / 6F  Recorder

  • 2-6 Channels Analog 

  • USB / LAN Connections

  • Solid State HDD

  • Front Panel Playback


MCwL-SSD Analog Recorder

  • Internal SSD (solid state drive)

  • 2 or 4 Channels Analog

  • USB or LAN SW connection

  • 120V AC, USB, or 12v DC power

  • Office, Mobile


MCwL-FL Analog Recorder

  • SDHC Removable Flash

  • 2 or 4 Channels Analog

  • USB or LAN SW connection

  • 12V AC, USB, or 12v DC power

  • Excellent for command Vehicle 

    The TeleCorder “MC” recorder series have new features as well as all previous features and functions of the TC. Part number MCwL-SSD, MCwL-SDHC, These units do not have a display but do have a new CPU with better audio quality processing speeds etc. dim. 5x4 and 4x4 with mounting flange. These units are great for mobile command vehicle installs. Powered via USB, 12v DC power or AC power supply. Applications for Police, Fire, Ambulances, Airports, Auto Repair Shops as well as many other business' where getting it right is important. Units are available with internal SSD (solid state drive) or removable external SDHC flash drive. Equipped with USB and LAN connections, with SW, these could be a powerful tool for your business.


    MCwL-SDHC in command vehicles, are an excellent choice for any mobile app. After an event the SDHC card can be removed and calls can be played on a PC with the SW included. The MCwL-SDHC has an auto-formatting setting, so when the flash is removed it can be replaced with a new, raw out of the package flash drive and it will format and be ready for use at next event. This gives the user the ability to store the files with the report and always have on hand for review. Micro flash is a very inexpensive medium, 16 gig 1500 hrs record time. Will easily cover any event.


    MCwL-SSD is also a good unit for mobile apps where it is connected to a PC or LAN to retrieve calls from the SSD for storage and playback at another location. Both units have a small footprint to conserve space in an already small area. They can also be used in small business applications. Units will fit in an equipment room easily. If in a common area they are not intrusive, set in a corner on a desk, a drawer or cabinet. The SSD and SDHC (not really necessary) have provisions for FTB backup to a location on your network where the calls can be accessed and played.


Install in police cars, fire trucks, ambulances, any vehicle to have a redundant backup recording made at the scene. If in remote areas where you may be out of range of the base or repeater tower you still have recording at the scene.


The units are easy to install and operate making them a great business tool. Don’t get caught trying to remember details of what was said, let the MC/TC recorders do it for you.



Recording by State

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